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Virtualize Your Film Festival

eoApp delivers film festival screening experiences to livingrooms around the world.

From ticketing to virtual cinema, our versatile and mobile technology has been developed to maximize the viewer's comfort and satisfaction.

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Your Own Branded Festival Page

Show your festival's mission to your audience.

  • Screen unlimited selected and award winning films
  • Add links to your festival's official website and social media accounts
  • Support filmmakers by directly connecting and chatting with them
  • Eliminate lost emails by messaging filmmakers with our group chat feature
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Online Tickets and Passes

Earn with our shared revenue model and receive a percentage of all sales.

  • We sell program packages for short films and features.
  • Choose your price for All Access Pass.
  • Customize your promo code discounts for your needs.
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Filmmakers' Content

Save time by having your festival's filmmakers upload their films themselves.

  • Very intuitive and quick
  • Email support provided
  • Geo-blocking available
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Marketing & Promotions

We promote your festival before and during the festival run at no extra cost.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • And more
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Earn 5% on film sales after your festival run.

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Cross-Platform Experience

Your audience can enjoy your films on their phones, tablets, or computers.

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