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Intuitive and user-friendly, the app is a resource network for entertainment professionals worldwide to showcase creative talents, socially connect, and collaborate using eoChat and more. Join our community, build relationships, get a mentor, and find projects that boost your career.

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More than 100 categories include both above the line and below the line entertainment professionals so you can explore profiles and find the right people for your projects.

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We have bridged the gap between New Media Technology and traditional methods for building connections and indie content self-distribution. We are blending the best of both worlds to give creatives every possible advantage for success.

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From quoting and bidding on a project, to scheduling, to ratings of talent, to billing and payments, the EO app provides an integrated system all in one simple app. Keep track of all jobs and payments as well as calendaring your next project. Simple. Fast. Efficient.

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EO partners with several industry groups and companies that are shown on our website. Please take advantage of the services and products offered by our partners. FAQ’s are provided to answer specific questions we have heard and that have been raised. If you need any other information please reach out to us directly via the Contact form.

The Secret to Effective Networking in the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is fragmented, requiring comprehensive networking to build relationships while creating consistent job opportunities specifically in the film industry has always been a major challenge.

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Entertainment: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Networking

It’s no secret that networking is the key to gain success in the entertainment industry. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know..

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Welcome to Entertainment Oxygen!

Entertainment Oxygen was inspired and built by a diverse group of entertainment professionals who have dealt with the common challenges of the..

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