8 Reasons to Join the EO Network

By Entertainment Oxygen • 01 Jul, 2021

The EO network is the go-to place for entertainment professionals to connect, communicate and collaborate. Check out EO's top 8 reasons why you should join the EO community.

Reason 1. Talented Industry professional looking to showcase your resume and find future work.You are a talented industry professional. By being part of a vibrant community of entertainment professionals, if a producer, director or screenwriter needs people they can reach out to you directly as they crew up for a project. As we say at EO, let projects find you. Actually it is the people in our community that will reach out to you on their projects, which you might find interesting.

Reason 2: Looking for original content, EO is the place to find these stories.Maybe you want to strike out on your own and want to find a unique perspective, or maybe just find a partner to develop some original content. And also you can find acting jobs in california. Check out EO and our script auction to find the unique path down the road of creativity.

Reason 3. If you have original content, EO is the place to showcase your written work.Maybe you have the next great script or are looking for collaborators to build out the characters. Though our community, both online and offline, via our script meetups- you can find the right people with whom to collaborate.

Reason 4: Connecting to live industry eventsWith our focus on film festivals, music festivals and over time developing our own unique events for our memberships, we enable relationships to be built online and cemented in person at our live sponsored events.

Reason 5: Increase industry networkingA premise behind EO is the ability to network with industry professionals. We understand that meeting and knowing people is critical to your career growth and most professionals want to work with people they know and trust. EO provides the framework and venues to connect, communicate and collaborate and build a sense of community. EO provides for a very real, connected community, creating experiences and relationships for our professionals.

Reason 6: Education and TrainingTechnology and just the pace of the entertainment industry can shorten the lifecycle of any career except for those that continue to take steps for self-improvement. EO provides resources to help entertainment industry professionals grow in their careers by access through education and training seminars and courses. Additionally, in some of our meetups we bring in established professional entertainment consultants to share their ideas so others may learn. EO is a community of entertainment professionals by entertainment professionals all with the desire to be the best but also the willingness to help others succeed.

Reason 7: See how you compare to your peersEveryone wants to be a star or the best in your field. By his or her nature, everyone is competitive. EO gives you the opportunity to shine and also compare yourself to your peers. Then if you want improvement you can get mentorship or training to improve. But EO will be more. It's the place to leverage your connections with your peers and others to continually improve.

Reason 8: You look bigger when you swim with your school of fish rather than alone.The power of the EO community and the reason for the fish analogy is that when you swim in a school of fish to the outside world you look larger and more powerful. Being more powerful and larger relates to the people you know and the people with whom you hand out. The EO community starts on line with the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate. Yet it extends to offline activities where personal relationships can be built over time. Think about EO being the start of the community not the end game of being in the community.