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Entertainment Oxygen (eoApp) is an exciting new resource and social media network for creative and production professionals is harnessing the power of technology to transform the entertainment business network experience. An intuitive and user-friendly platform, the eoApp employs revolutionary functionalities to empower entertainers, executives, and other media professionals so they can showcase their creative talents, connect with other professionals, and collaborate in ways never before possible.

For decades, entertainment industry professionals have been suffocating due to wasted time, lack of security, a shortage of quality networks, and the lack of secure reliable funding sources. An estimated 53% of entertainment industry professionals do not have a consistent workflow. According to The Atlantic, only .3% of scripts registered with the WGA have actually produced annually. Additionally, there are large barriers between countries making it difficult to develop entertainment projects internationally. eoApp is easily accessible through a first-class mobile app & amp; that is security protected, simple to use, and multilingual. eoApp helps users save time, money, and energy by tailoring the connections to their specific needs. eoApp provides live events, education, and mentorship to help accelerate our members’ projects. Our exclusive services: Script Auctions, WePackage, and Find me, pave a path to success for entertainment professionals. We have captured the best elements of the most successful companies bridging professional network platforms and the entertainment industry communities to deliver the eoApp.

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Our Story

Entertainment Oxygen was inspired and built by a diverse group of entertainment professionals who have dealt with the common challenges of the entertainment industry for over 25 years. Highly experienced, our team has worked directly with all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Researching the past 100 years of the entertainment industry has led us to conclude that while there has always been a strong ecosystem in place providing a winning formula for the successful top 2% of the industry, for some reason that formula is inaccessible to the remaining 98%. The majority of entertainment professionals struggle to find consistent work and to sustain a healthy financial career pursuing their passions. Even though the foundation of this ecosystem’s formula hasn’t changed much through the years, the Internet has certainly changed how and where people make their connections and ultimately find work. We invested years studying market research to arrive at a business model to change this paradigm. After evaluating the top-performing companies from social networking sites and the entertainment industry communities—we have blended together with a healthy recipe for success resulting in eoApp.


Entertainment professionals age 2-65 years old internationally.

Perfect for actors, producers, directors, writers, dancers, singers, and other professionals in the film, television, music, animation, live event, or entertainment industries, join the eoApp community today to start building relationships, finding mentors, and discovering projects that boost careers.


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